WAGE Champion

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Dear WAGE members,

WAGE Champion

We are looking for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

Do you work in Gastroenterology, Endoscopy, Hepatology or Microbiology and feel you can improve your workforce?

Want to feed into a national network that can support and tackle your issues whilst promoting your success stories?

You must have:

  • Enthusiasm
  • A desire to make a difference for your patients, services and colleagues
  • Drive to raise issues from colleagues and bring them to a wider national network
  • Pride to shout about your department’s achievements
  • Tenacity to support national projects and raise your own agendas


  • Attendance of four annual online meetings.
  • Email communication with WAGE executives – giving you frontline updates on WAGE!
  • Two-way communication with WAGE and your clinical area!

This opportunity will enable you to have a direct link with WAGE

You will be able to raise issues that maybe you feel can’t be resolved on a local level

You will have the opportunity to network with other champions across Wales and share information on how services are run

Multiple champions will be considered.  You can represent your department, service or health board!

You can be a Nurse, HCA, allied health professional or trainee

A great addition to your CV

Want to know more about WAGE ? check out our website www.wage.org.uk

Let’s turn your words into actions, Apply today!

With a short paragraph about why you feel passionate about promoting change and developing growth in your work area!