WAGE Spring 2022 Conference – Day 1

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Day 1

Day 1 Summary

By Sarah Owens – WAGE Communications Lead   

This afternoon was an amazing start to our Spring Conference 2022 looking at new and extended roles across Wales.  With a warm welcome to our first hybrid conference from our President – Hayley Heard we started our first session chaired by our Vice President – Dr John Green.  In this session Lindsay Ritchie – Nurse Lead for WAGE and Hayley Heard presented the plans to develop a new WAGE nursing network to ensure engagement and support for nursing staff across Welsh Health Boards.

Rachael Edwards – Chair of Clinical Endoscopists Wales (CEW) and myself, Sarah Owens – Vice Chair of CEW gave a background history of the Clinical Endoscopist network and where we plan to develop CE’s position in Wales.  We gave accounts of our own career pathways to raise awareness of the role and inspire nursing and allied health professionals to consider training in the field.

Rachel Follows – National Clinical Advisor from Health Education England gave a talk on the development of the band 4 role for endoscopy assistants.  The presentation expanded to introduce new roles developing across the endoscopy sector, giving inspiration of possibilities for developments in Wales.  Swansea Bay Physician Associates – Thomas Addison (Gastroenterology) and Kelly Scott (Colorectal) gave us a great insight into their roles and a background to the origin of the physician associate role.

After a short coffee break Dr Phedra Dodds – Consultant Nurse Endoscopist chaired our next session.  Continuing the theme of advanced roles Phedra highlighted the presentation of motivated individuals across our health boards and called for recognition of appropriate banding for these professionals to ensure retention and continuity of services.  In this session we heard from Louisa Edwards – CT Advanced Radiography Practitioner giving an insight into her role and development in her practice.  

Next up was an interesting talk from Consultant Healthcare Scientist James Peaker discussing the elements of his role including the challenges faced in his developing and unique role.  Another inspiring role was introduced by Karrina Mitchell – Hepatology Specialist Nurse.  Karrina described the unique primary care service she has developed in, providing patients with fibroscan and liver care in the community setting.  This session closed with a talk from Rachel Gidman – Executive Director of People and Culture in Cardiff.  Rachel described developments for the future to ensure retention of staff and strategies to ensure development of staff and utilisation of their skills.  

The clear theme of the day appeared that advanced practice professionals were able to develop safely within their roles due to the support and presence of their wider teams.  It was evident that these valuable specialist roles allow medics and surgeons to focus their efforts in other sectors of their positions.  Ensuring specialist care for our patients appears to provide a productive and efficient service, reducing waiting times and ensuring service capacity needs are met.  A great day meeting self motivated and driven professionals leading the way for future expansion of roles and services across Wales.

Autumn 2021 Away Day – Recap

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Great afternoon spent looking at the developments of training throughout the covid era. 

After a welcome from our president Hayley Heard, Dr Neil Hawkes and Dr Andrew Yeoman discussed the challenges and developments in the Gastrointestinal (GI) workforce and its effects on a national scale.  Presentations from Prof Reena Sidhu, Prof Wyn Harris and Prof Jon Dillon covered the impacts on their specialities. 

Recognition was given to the growing and advancing of services in challenging times.  Not to mention the training opportunities that have presented when challenges have presented.  An informative and inspiring session delivering the possibilities in developments in challenging times.

Dr Jeff Turner and Hayley Heard then continued the afternoon introducing presentations on how training strategies in the endoscopy workforce have developed across Wales.  Presentations were given by Lisa Llewellyn and Dr Paul Dunckley on the developments that have taken place in endoscopy training and training models that have been utilised. 

Dr Phedra Dodds and Dr Neil Hawkes went on to present on how support in training has been offered to wider workforce in endoscopy and looking at the direction of improving strategies in endoscopy training across Wales. 

An inspiring afternoon with lots of valuable content delivered and some great discussions on developments and strategies.  Food for thought in developing our training strategies within our own health boards and raising awareness on the availability of training even with limited traditional face to face teaching.  Looking forward to the autumn conference tomorrow, jam packed with further speakers and discussions!

Sarah Owens

Communications co-lead (WAGE)  

Autumn 2021 Conference – Recap

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Our conference day began with some great talks relating to Cancer and the Liver.   With presentations from Dr Thomas Pembroke, Miss Trish Duncan and Dr Ben Hudson.  A varied discussion was had looking at the management of the patients in this sector to the surgical interventions that take place.  The final talk of this session opened our eyes to the way in which we can appropriately palliate these patients with poor prognosis of their disease. 

Later on in the morning Dr Andy Veitch (President of the BSG) talked us through the new BSG guidelines on antiplatelet and anticoagulation, a very insightful talk with lots of discussion had.   After a lunch break and sessions from our invaluable sponsors, Dr John Green (WAGE Vice-President) chaired the delivery of some fantastic presentations from abstracts submitted by our members.  It was clear that a lot of effort had gone in to the delivery and was an educational start to the afternoon for our WAGE members. 

Online voting took place for the three prize winners of these presentations, whilst Hayley Heard (WAGE President) brought members up to speed on the current developments that have taken place in WAGE.  This was a great opportunity for members to ask questions and feedback comments.  We then saw the awards announced for the presentations, bursaries, Train the Trainer applicants and the winners of the President’s medal.  We would like to give a huge congratulations to all the recipients.  It was a pleasure for us to see the hard work of our colleagues rewarded, especially in the challenging times we have been working in. 

The final presentations of the day looked at the Complications in cancer treatments.  Dr Ricky Frazer and Dr Dharmaraj Durai gave talks on immunotherapy management and case studies were delivered and discussed.  We wound up the day with closing message from our President followed by the AGM that remained open for all members to attend.  Another successful year and we hope our next meeting will be in person, should the covid-19 pandemic allow.

Sarah Owens

(Communications Co-lead WAGE)

Call for Abstracts – Autumn 2021

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WAGE Autumn 2021 Conference Free Paper, Awards

The Autumn conference will showcase oral presentations of the best abstracts submitted by any WAGE member.

Abstracts must conform with the following criteria and be submitted by the 1st of September each year:

  • Abstracts must not exceed 300 words including authors, affiliations, figures, and tables
  • Abstracts must be sent via email to with title “ABSTRACT 2021”
  • Submitted work must be original and not published or accepted for publication
  • Abstracts are welcomed from any WAGE member (Consultants / Registrars / Nurses / Students / etc.)
  • No changes to the abstract are allowed following submission
  • Abstracts will become available on the WAGE website after judging
  • Presentation of the abstract must be no longer than 10 minutes with an additional 5 minutes allowed for questions
  • Authors must be available to present their work at the WAGE Autumn conference

Abstracts will be judged according to agreed criteria by the Core Executive Group and successful candidates will be invited to present their work at the October conference at least 3 weeks in advance.

Presentations will be scored by a judging panel nominated in advance comprising of at least 3 members of the Executive Committee and 2 other members from a variety of disciplines and geographical areas. Criteria will include content, originality, impact on service improvement and presentation. Scores will be calculated at the conference and first, second and third prizes of £200, £150, and £100 awarded respectively awarded.

Communication session

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Join us for our first monthly free session. Details of how to access this virtual meeting will be circulated soon via email and our Official Twitter account.

Click here to read more about the monthly sessions.

Click here to access the Agenda and more details about this month’s session.

Free Monthly learning events

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Dear WAGE members,

We’re excited to announce the new WAGE monthly learning events, this will be a free one hour virtual evening meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, will start at 17:00.

Varied topics are covered over a 12 month period, we’re sure you’ll all find it interesting. Save the dates on your calendar, click on this link to download an automatic reminder each month 1 day before the meeting.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the monthly programme.

October 2021 AGM

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Dear WAGE members,

Save the date for our upcoming Virtual AGM meeting.

Registration will open soon. Stay tuned to our emails from , also on our Twitter on WAGE_Media.