Bursary Application

WAGE Bursary

The WAGE Executive Committee is committed to member’s professional development. A bursary fund supports members each year and is awarded at the discretion of the Core Executive Group, subject to available funds.

The WAGE training and development framework is aligned to the strategic and annual operating plans and comprises of:

– Free monthly virtual training sessions

– Nationally funded generic courses

– Annual bursary to attend any relevant course or undertake professional development activities

Applications for bursaries are invited from all members. Funds can be used for recognised training courses or sabbaticals to attend centres of excellence. Applicants will need to demonstrate how the training will benefit the service in Wales and have support from their clinical, academic, and managerial supervisors.

Applications should be made via the WAGE website by midnight on the 23rd of July each year (Extended to 13th of August for 2021 year). Successful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks and will not be eligible to apply again for 2 years.

Successful applicants must share learning and contribute to service improvement in Wales by giving commitment appropriate to the individual training. Expected outputs specific to the course or experience will be clarified on award of funding. For example, following completion of the “Train the Trainer” course candidates will be expected to form part of the faculty for the HEIW National Endoscopy Training Programme and teach on at least 6 JAG courses each year. Where applicable post training output reports must be submitted within 6 weeks and learning outcomes presented to the WAGE conference if appropriate.