Bursary Application

WAGE Bursary

WAGE is delighted to offer all our members the opportunity to apply for funding to support activity that will aid professional development and therefore benefit the care of patients in Wales with Gastrointestinal and liver conditions.

Our bursary fund supports awards that are at the discretion of the WAGE Core Executive Group, subject to available funding.

The funding may cover activities that you have undertaken over the last year or plan to do so in the near future. Funds can be used for recognised training courses or sabbaticals to attend centres of excellence and other proposals will be considered. Applicants will need to demonstrate how the training will benefit the service in Wales and have support from their clinical, academic, and managerial supervisors.

As well as our annual bursary WAGE, this year we are really pleased to also be offering money from a specific liver fund to support hepatology services in Wales

Applications for all funding (Gastrointestinal and liver) are made through the WAGE website at www.wage.org.uk by midnight on the 15TH of September 2023. Successful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks and will not be eligible to apply again for 2 years.

Successful applicants will be announced at the WAGE autumn conference and must share learning and contribute to service improvement in Wales by giving commitment appropriate to the individual training. Expected outputs specific to the course or experience will be clarified on award of funding.