Autumn 2021 Conference – Recap

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Our conference day began with some great talks relating to Cancer and the Liver.   With presentations from Dr Thomas Pembroke, Miss Trish Duncan and Dr Ben Hudson.  A varied discussion was had looking at the management of the patients in this sector to the surgical interventions that take place.  The final talk of this session opened our eyes to the way in which we can appropriately palliate these patients with poor prognosis of their disease. 

Later on in the morning Dr Andy Veitch (President of the BSG) talked us through the new BSG guidelines on antiplatelet and anticoagulation, a very insightful talk with lots of discussion had.   After a lunch break and sessions from our invaluable sponsors, Dr John Green (WAGE Vice-President) chaired the delivery of some fantastic presentations from abstracts submitted by our members.  It was clear that a lot of effort had gone in to the delivery and was an educational start to the afternoon for our WAGE members. 

Online voting took place for the three prize winners of these presentations, whilst Hayley Heard (WAGE President) brought members up to speed on the current developments that have taken place in WAGE.  This was a great opportunity for members to ask questions and feedback comments.  We then saw the awards announced for the presentations, bursaries, Train the Trainer applicants and the winners of the President’s medal.  We would like to give a huge congratulations to all the recipients.  It was a pleasure for us to see the hard work of our colleagues rewarded, especially in the challenging times we have been working in. 

The final presentations of the day looked at the Complications in cancer treatments.  Dr Ricky Frazer and Dr Dharmaraj Durai gave talks on immunotherapy management and case studies were delivered and discussed.  We wound up the day with closing message from our President followed by the AGM that remained open for all members to attend.  Another successful year and we hope our next meeting will be in person, should the covid-19 pandemic allow.

Sarah Owens

(Communications Co-lead WAGE)