Autumn 2021 Away Day – Recap

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Great afternoon spent looking at the developments of training throughout the covid era. 

After a welcome from our president Hayley Heard, Dr Neil Hawkes and Dr Andrew Yeoman discussed the challenges and developments in the Gastrointestinal (GI) workforce and its effects on a national scale.  Presentations from Prof Reena Sidhu, Prof Wyn Harris and Prof Jon Dillon covered the impacts on their specialities. 

Recognition was given to the growing and advancing of services in challenging times.  Not to mention the training opportunities that have presented when challenges have presented.  An informative and inspiring session delivering the possibilities in developments in challenging times.

Dr Jeff Turner and Hayley Heard then continued the afternoon introducing presentations on how training strategies in the endoscopy workforce have developed across Wales.  Presentations were given by Lisa Llewellyn and Dr Paul Dunckley on the developments that have taken place in endoscopy training and training models that have been utilised. 

Dr Phedra Dodds and Dr Neil Hawkes went on to present on how support in training has been offered to wider workforce in endoscopy and looking at the direction of improving strategies in endoscopy training across Wales. 

An inspiring afternoon with lots of valuable content delivered and some great discussions on developments and strategies.  Food for thought in developing our training strategies within our own health boards and raising awareness on the availability of training even with limited traditional face to face teaching.  Looking forward to the autumn conference tomorrow, jam packed with further speakers and discussions!

Sarah Owens

Communications co-lead (WAGE)