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Welsh Association of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy (WAGE)


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10th Oct 2012 Llandrindod Wells


10.45 am

Welcome & Theme of the day

Dr Ashley Roberts

Current Status sessionChair: Dr Sunil Dolwani

10.55 am – 11.15 am

The Current Status of Barrett’s surveillance in Wales – Discussion of Endoscopists Survey

Dr Sunil Dolwani

11.15 am – 11.30 am

Cancer Services Perspective on Early Barrett’s cancer & Dysplasia

Dr Tom Crosby

11.30 am – 11.50 am

Optimal Technique for a Barrett’s surveillance OGD

Prof Pradeep Bhandari

11.50 am – 12.10 pm

Interpretation & Understanding of Dysplasia in Barrett’s

Dr Phillip Kaye

12.10 pm – 12.30 pm

Is EUS useful in Decision making with dysplasia & Early Cancer

Dr Brinder Mahon

12.30 pm – 1.20 pm


1.20 pm – 2.20 pm

Case based discussion session

Chair – Dr Ashley Roberts

1.20 pm – 1.40 pm

When would I suggest EMR in Barretts-            

Pradeep Bhandari

1.40 pm – 2.00 pm

When would I suggest RFA in Barretts  

Dr Brin Mahon

2.00 pm -  2.20 pm

When would I suggest Surgery in Dysplasia within Barretts

Prof SM Griffin

Guidelines & Outcomes session – Chair: Mr A Rasheed

2.20 pm – 2.45 pm

Evidence Base & International Consensus on the Management of Dysplasia in Barrett’s Oesophagus

Prof Janusz Jankowski

2.45 pm – 2.55 pm

Gaps in existing guidelines & proposed new BSG guidelines

Mr Ashraf Rasheed

2.55 pm – 3.15 pm

Panel Discussion  on implications of new guidelines

Dr Bhandari, Dr Dolwani, Dr Mahon, Dr Kaye, Dr Roberts, Mr Rasheed, Mr Lewis, Prof Griffin, Prof Jankowski

3.15 pm – 3.25 pm

Training & Standardisation of Endoscopic surveillance in Wales

Dr Sunil Dolwani

3.25 pm -  3.40 pm

Commissioning & Funding arrangements for Specialised procedures & Services in Wales

Dr Phil Webb WHSSC

3.40 pm – 3.50 pm

Summary of UK outcomes with Surgery in Barrett’s dysplasia – Explaining the Risks vs benefit to the patient

Prof SM Griffin

3.50 pm – 4.00 pm

Summary of UK outcomes with Endoscopic therapy (EMR & RFA) in Barrett’s dysplasia – Explaining the Risks vs benefit to the patient

Prof P Bhandari

4.00 pm

The Way Forward & Closing remarks                 

Dr Ashley Roberts

This meeting is sponsored by unrestricted educational grants from:  Cook UK Ltd and Covidien