Dr Laith AlRubaiy wins BSG Young Gastroenterologist of the Year award

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Dr AlRubaiy, an academic specialist registrar in gastroenterology and hepatology based in Wales, has won British Society of Gastroenterology ( BSG) Young Gastroenterologist of the Year 2017- Emerging Leader Award. This prestigious award is designed to identify a talented gastroenterologist nationally in order to promote leadership in gastroenterology for the future.

This award comes after a series of innovations, which included the development of research projects into improving patients’ quality of life in Gastroenterology that he and Professor John Williams have built with hospitals in Wales and the UK nationally during his PhD.

The award also recognises his work as the chair of the trainees’ section of the British Society of Gastroenterology to represent more than 800 young members across the UK, and to produce new educational resources and training courses for junior doctors.

Dr AlRubaiy is the first doctor from Wales to be given this award. This highlights the positive contribution that Welsh junior doctors have on leadership and research, and on medical education for medical professionals locally and nationally. Given that Dr AlRubaiy was originally from Iraq, this award attests to how much international medical graduates have integrated and contributed to the NHS and society in the UK.


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